Panora (Single)

205.000 SEK

Configuration costs: -


  • Lacquered steel construction (standard: Graphite)
  • Single tempered glass 10 mm, EU standard EN12150-1
  • Artificial grass “ScanTurf Padel Pro” (blue) incl. lines and sand.
  • Padel net, incl. net tensioners, as well as points balls



Price excluding add-ons, VAT and shipping.


Seamless design completely without posts.
Panorama-type dual carriageway. Varnished steel construction (graphite black), screws and fittings in stainless steel, and single-tempered glass 10 mm.
Our paddle courts are delivered with artificial grass ScanTurf Padel Pro, 13-23 (blue) with white lines and sand. Approved competition nets and points balls.

Made in Sweden

Our padel courts are manufactured in our own factory in Lysekil on the Swedish west coast. This makes us completely unique as most other players come from Southern Europe. The advantages of own production are many, not least from a quality and sustainability perspective. Building in steel and glass for the Nordic climate requires both experience and knowledge, something that Scandinavian Padel has over 25 years of experience with. By studying the shortcomings of our competitors in recent years, we know that there are many pitfalls that we can avoid.

The difference is in the details

There is a bigger difference between the different manufacturers’ padel courts than you might think. Above all, these differences can be decisive in the gaming experience you get as a player, but differences in durability, operation and service life are important factors to take into account when building your padel court. Scandinavian Padel focuses on keeping the smallest component of our padel courts of the highest class. For example, the steel in our outdoor courts is classified as C3, which is found, for example, on oil rigs in the North Sea and is the highest level available.

ScanTurf Padel Pro

The artificial grass is an important component in a padel court and our courts are delivered with artificial turf ScanTurf Padel Pro, 13-23 (blue) with fantastic playing properties. The artificial grass is durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our own fitters ensure a professional installation of the artificial turf incl. lines and sand.


Our courses can be delivered with LED lighting mounted on four lighting poles that are available in straight or curved design. Technical specification for the LED lighting is 8x200W, AC85-265V, IP66, 20000 lumens, 6500K.